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Proposals are invited to resolve the following problems:

Plant Biotechnology:

  1. Pink bollworm infestation in crop leading to loss of productivity
  2. Gene editing for increasing oil ratio of omega 3 fatty acid in groundnut
  3. Reduction of aflatoxin residue from groundnut via Pathogen resistant variety development.
  4. Marker assisted selection for development of hybrids resistant for wilt and root rot in castor
  5. Optimization of tissue culture protocol in castor
  6. Use of gene technology to develop resistant cumin accessions.
  7. Development of resistant varieties of fennel against fungal diseases via gene editing methodologies
  8. Molecular breeding to develop new high yielding varieties of pulses – Chickpea and Pigeon pea
  9. Development of Pheromone based technologies to address pod borer problem in pulses
  10. Development of disease diagnostic kits/ chips for detection of infection in seeds of vegetables - Potato, Banana and Date Palm
  11. Tissue culture protocol development in vegetables – tomato, potato, Spine Gourd (Kankoda), bottle gourd bottleguord
  12. Tissue culture protocols for propagation of rose and gerbera
  13. Chemotype identification & DNA Barcoding of medicinal plants
  14. Propagation through Tissue culture of Guggal

Animal Biotechnology:

  1. Development of PCR based diagnostic kits for specific a) bacterial disease, b) viral disease
  2. Use of High-throughput genotyping for trait identification for a)milk yield, b) fat content
  3. Use of High-throughput genotyping for trait identification for breed Kankrej, Gir, Banni, Jafarabadi, Mehsani
  4. Development of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant vaccines for highest affecting diseases
  5. Vaccine development for various types of influenza
  6. Genome /metagenome sequencing of indigenous species of Gujarat for creating reference database
  7. Development of Virus detection kit (White spot for Shrimp/Lobster), Breed improvement in fish

Healthcare Biotechnology:

  1. Development of Molecular Diagnostic kit for Flu
  2. Development of Biomarkers and therapeutics for Oral Cancer (Male) and Breast & Ovarian cancer (Female)
  3. Development and Validation of Ayurvedic formulations using “Omics” tools

Environmental Biotechnology:

  1. Bioremediation technology for Solid waste management specially Municipality waste (Pirana)
  2. Bioremediation technology for Sewage treatment
  3. Bioremediation technology for medical waste
  4. Bioremediation technology for Industrial waste: Treatment for Cellulose waste

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