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Online project proposal submission for Research Support Scheme is open.
Last date for submission of project is: 31/10/2017

The science of Biotechnology is emerging as potential tool in development and technology of hope for society and therefore State Government of Gujarat has identified it as a potential tool for development. To facilitate the overall development of Biotechnology, the State has constituted Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, whose mandate is to promote, support and facilitate the development of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is a knowledge based sector and development is highly dependent on Research innovation. Therefore a very important aspect of Biotechnology development is to promote, support and facilitate research, training and awareness and outreach activities in the field of Biotechnology. In this perspective Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission, keeping the regional national and global perspective has launched GSBTM Research Support Scheme [RSS] under which financial assistance shall be provided for following schemes and activities.


Research Support Scheme

Support for research projects to recognized research institutions and academia.


Activity Scheme

Support for organising conference, seminar, symposia and workshop to the academic and research institutions of Gujarat.